I was born on the Kiwi Mainland towards the end of the Baby Boom Era. Brought up by penguins in a hilly port city it was hard to adjust to Swampland when our family moved there when i was 10. Trapped in Swampland in the curtain twitching era I took the easy option of home cooked meals and a live in cleaner and stayed in town to explore the esoteric sciences at Massey Uni. My father handed me a camera when I was 5 and that combined with the dawn of the computer era sealed my fate. Eventually fleeing the land of the long white twitching curtain for the inevitable Kiwi tour of Europe I arrived in London where I finally found a creative challenge in the newly emerging digital computer graphics industry. As a leading light in the London digital scene I rode the technology wave from mainframe to micro processor, SGI to Apple, custom code to off-the-shelf. Always with an eye to combining photographic skills and digital imagery, for a period I was enthralled by Visual Effects and even did a successful stint at ILM working on Terminator 2 before returning to London and continuing with my studio Lost in Space continuing to work with feature film like Judge Dredd and severla Bond movies. Over the years though i was driven to dabble in art based projects as the commercial realities of Visual Effects eventually took most of the joy out of that for me. I loved doing short digital films for installations at the Natural History museum and early experimental CGI at pioneering festivals like OneDotZero.
Of course being a kiwi I would make the annual pilgrimage to the mecca of Swampland to visit my parents just for a week or two every xmas or in late autumn for my birthday. Over the years my love of photography reasserted itself and with it my renewed love of my home country. With nothing to do but go out shooting around the Manawatu in recent years as my mother became increasingly housebound i have developed this time lapse view of New Zealand's slow change over the years. Rural and Urban Desolation of the 80’s and 90s gave way to relative modern prosperity of the noughties. Changing the landscape and the things that fascinate me as a stranger in my own land. Eventually the glamor of London wore thin and for the last few years i have been based out of Bangkok, a handy, warm, friendly place from which to step either to London or Swampland NZ and the relaxed lifestyle has allowed me to spend more time on creative projects. Having forced myself on the Thermostat Gallery (Palmerston North, NZ) people i managed to have a Solo Show of my digital work and be involved in several Group Shows mostly with photographic works. Having thus kindled my artistic connection with Swampland i have been extending my shooting from dwindling desolate landscapes to capturing the last of the small kiwi owner operated shops while pushing my portraiture.
Currently i juggle commercial work in digital moving imagery with Photographic and Experimental Digital Art driven by my own need to express something at an emotional/visceral non-intellectual level.
Since 2015 I have been working with Alternative Historical Photographic Printing processes creating hand made prints of my hybrid digital and photographic art as cyantotype, Platinum-Paladium and other unique alchemical techniques.
The aim being to fuse traditional hand made art print on fine art papers with street photography and digital computer generated imagery.


INSTANTS, Solo Show, Casa Lapin x 26, Bangkok, 2019
Chinatown Memories, Solo Show, BKK Design Week, FooJohn Building, 2018
Faces of Eve, Solo Show, Film Portraits on gum prints, Giclee edition, JAM factory Gallery, Bangkok, 2017
RAW Group show, Wetplate and Instant film, Kalwit Gallery, Bangkok , 2017
Nine Expressions of Asia, Group Photogrpahic Show, SATHORN 11 Gallery, Bangkok, 2016
Threshold Part 2, group show, Bridge Art Space, Bangkok, 2015
Nobori Thaijin, group show, large format digital prints, SALT, Bangkok, 2014
STEALTH, Kiwi Diary, invited artist, 2013
VENT (10) / From Abroad, Thermostat Gallery, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 2011
AKABEKO, group show, video installation, Japan, 2011
BLUE, group show, Thermostat Gallery, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 2010
Cybersexual, solo show, digital art, Thermostat Gallery, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 2009
DOTMOV Festival, short film, Hokkaido, 2003
Media Art Festival, workshop, Bangkok, 2002
Onedotzero Festival, film, London, 1998
The Natural History Museum, video installation, London, 1996


Wetplate Photography, Jam Factory Gallery, Art Ground 2017
Cyanotype Photography, Jam Factory, Art Ground 2016
Motion Graphics for Commercials, Chiang Mai University


Information Graphics in FIlm, Royal College of Art, London
Information Graphics in FIlm, London Film Festival, London
Information Graphics in FIlm, Bangkok Univarsity, Bangkok

Art Events

Co-sponsor of Bangkok Media Art Festival 2002